West & Company, LLC
Certified Public Accountants & Consultants

Large enough to serve.
Small enough to care.



††††††††† †††††††††††Organized in 1968 with a single office,

West & Company, LLC has expanded to become a multi-office public accounting firm serving clients throughout Illinois. With offices in Mattoon, Effingham, Sullivan, Greenville and Edwardsville Illinois, we serve a host of clients ranging from individuals to closely-held corporations. We serve commercial businesses, governmental units and not-for-profit organizations.

Forty professionals plus support staff are able to provide specialized services in the areas of accounting and auditing, taxation, management consulting, pension plan consulting, and administration, litigation support, health care, and computer consulting.

We take pride in having helped our clients and communities prosper for the last 35 years.

We strive to:


         Attract clients of good moral and ethical fiber, who will
value our professional services;


         Deliver the highest quality product in a timely manner;


         Always handle our clientsí affairs in a most professional
and confidential manner;


         Employ highly qualified personnel who will be dedicated
to theneeds of our clients; and


         Have fair and reasonable fees that are consistent with the
complexity of the assignment and the quality of services rendered.


In summary, we at West & Company, LLC, are firmly committed to providing quality services in a timely manner, while providing an enjoyable and challenging work environment for our personnel.


A ďmanagement groupĒ consisting of all the Partners manages the Firm.

Our History

The firm of West & Company, LLC evolves from long-term relationships and interaction between its principals. The following will provide you with a history of how the Firm developed and hopefully allow you to understand some of its character and relationships:


Joseph Brumleve, CPA, leaves Guager & Diehl, CPAs in Decatur to open a practice in his hometown of Effingham.


Bill Dabbs, CPA, leaves Price Waterhouse, Chicago, moves to Sullivan, but practices in Effingham and Sullivan.


Joe and Bill organize Brumleve & Dabbs, CPAs and Bill manages the Firmís Sullivan office.


Ken Vogt, CPA, joins Brumleve & Dabbs, CPAs in Effingham as a Staff Accountant.


Richard C. West, CPA, joins Murphey, Jenne & Jones, CPAs in Mattoon as a Staff Accountant.


Mike Boyd, CPA, leaves IRS and accepts position as Firmís Tax Manager in Effingham office.
Douglas R. Stroud, CPA, joins Murphey, Jenne & Jones, CPAs in Mattoon as a Staff Accountant.


Mike Boyd is admitted as a partner and opens the Mattoon office of Brumleve & Dabbs, CPAs.


Lynn Freese, CPA, joins the firm as Manager of Employee Benefit Services in Sullivan office.
Brian Daniell, CPA, joins the Firmís Mattoon office as a Staff Accountant.

Janice Romack, CPA, joins Bruce E. Turley, CPA, Ltd. in Greenville as a Staff Accountant.


Richard C. West, CPA opens office in Mattoon.


Ken Vogt and Lynn Freese are admitted as Partners and, together with Bill Dabbs and Mike Boyd, acquire Joe Brumleveís partnership interest.


Bill Dabbs sells his interest in Brumleve & Dabbs, CPAs to Mike Boyd, Ken Vogt and Lynn Freese.


Brumleve & Dabbs, CPAs merge with Richard C. West, CPA. The Firm changes its name to Boyd, Freese, West & Vogt, CPAs.


Boyd, Freese, West & Vogt, CPAs acquires the assets of Bruce E. Turley, CPA, Ltd. in Greenville.
Douglas Stroud is admitted as a Partner in Greenville.

Diana Smith leaves La Salle CPA firm and joins the Firmís Mattoon office as a Staff Accountant.


Boyd, Freese, West & Vogt, CPAs combine with Arthur C. Willenborg, accountant, the operations of which are consolidated with the Firmís Effingham office.


Brian Daniell admitted as Partner.


Firm changes structure from a general partnership to a limited liability company and changes its name to West & Company, LLC.


Janice Romack admitted as a Partner.


Diana Smith admitted as a Partner.


The firm opens its Edwardsville Office with Josh Lowe as Manager.